Home Plumbing Systems

Home plumbing in an expert view is the overview of a home plumbing system, which includes the water supply, drain-waste vein and more. Home plumbing being a system of the complex network of water supplies, vent pipes, and drainpipes. It is a complicated system and one of the costliest system to be installed and repaired. Therefore, it pays when one understands the system.

Home plumbing

Things to Know About Home Plumbing System

When one understands the fundamentals of a plumbing system, then one is in a better position to understand the types of problems to be incurred. Also, if you are planning to remodel or to set up a new house, you will be able set up a system that will work properly and efficiently. A properly designed system delivers water to the various fixtures, faucets and water using appliances efficiently; and allows waste water to be removed without clogs. In addition, the overall plumbing expense is reduced when the laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathroom are near to one another as a result share part of the system.

Water Supply System

A home’s water supply system routes the municipal water from the streets to one’s house. Where, it will branch to the faucets, toilets, showers, bathtubs and other appliances like the washing machine, the water heater, and the dishwasher. The equipment used for this delivery and distribution is the faucets, water pipes, fittings and service valves. These pipes and the fittings are usually made of plastic, galvanized iron or copper. The pipes range at a diameter of ½ inch to 4 inches or even more.

Drain-Waste-Vent System

This is one of the most crucial parts of the house. It carries out waste water and sewage from the house to the septic or the public sewer. The vent system is not well known by homeowners; it is connected to the drain waste pipes, and its work is to ventilate the sewage gasses; so as not to let the gasses to build up in the house. The vent system also helps in maintaining the pressure in the drain pipes for proper drainage. Clogged drains are the common problems encountered in the drain waste system.

Kitchen Plumbing System

Most kitchens have a simple plumbing system set up this includes; hot and cold water supply lines to the faucets, waste line for the sink and for the kitchens with a gas range that is a gas supply. The kitchen faucet should not be left to fall into repair. This is ensured not to happen by keeping the faucet’s aerator clean. Low pressure from the faucet can result by lime build up and sediment blocking the small opening inside the aerator. Therefore, the aerator is unscrewed then a brush dipped in vinegar is used to remove the sediment. The aerator is reassembled and screwed back.

Bathroom Plumbing System

Bathrooms are all about plumbing; the showers, bathtubs, toilets, and sinks. The plumbing system in the bathroom should be able to handle water delivery to and waste removal from all the faucets; and fixtures in an efficient manner which should be leak- free manner. Water is delivered from the municipal supply system or other fresh water source; it goes through the meter to the house. At the water heater, it splits into two lines; one carrying cold water and the other hot water, from the heater it goes to the fixtures that requires it.