Do You Know About Your Home’s Grinder Pump?

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When it comes to a grinder pump, it’s a pump which is at a low spot on either your yard or house. The function of the pump is to grind up your wastewater, pumping it to your nearest municipal sewer line. The wastewater will first gather in a holding tank up to a certain level, the pump will then activate grinding of the waste. This will consequently result in the creation of pressure, which pushes the wastewater uphill into the sewer line.

Grinder Pump

A grinder pump is especially important in areas where the location of homes is at a lower level than the nearest available municipal sewer line. Standard homes ought to be built at a higher level than the sewer line. This helps to draw wastewater from the sewage system by use of gravity.

Not all homes will be standard homes; therefore, the need of a grinder pumps in such cases in order to stop back up of wastewater.

Grinder pumps are also essential in commercial businesses, whether or not they are located at a relative position to the sewer line. This is due to the fact that commercial businesses have a large amount of wastewater, which has solid waste that has to go down before they get into a sewer line.

Warning Signs of Grinder Pump

It is important that you note your grinder pump can fail. One of the reasons is because the pump is electrically powered. Therefore in case of power outage, your pump will stop working. Another reason being the motor of the pump being burn out; you will have warning signs for such a situation which includes;

  • Multiple clogging of drains and toilets in your house
  • Foul odor coming out of your drains

These signs could be as a result of other sewer line issues, but still, it’s wise that you have a plumber have a look as soon as possible. In the event that your home or business requires the installation of a grinder pump, it’s vital that you have a professional do the work.