Common water heater problems and signs you mighty need a new unit

Most common critical problems of the plumbing system in a home are caused by defective water heaters.  However, it is easy to find out common water heater problems in a home and fix them without the need of looking for a professional plumber. Below are the common water heater problems and signs you mighty need a new unit.

Water Heater Problems

Temperature problems

The ideal temperature for a functioning water heater should range between 120 and 140 degrees.   When water is becoming excessively hot or the water does not get hot as expected, there is a temperature complication. To curve such a problem, adjust the unit’s thermostat carefully. Moreover, water heater heating element could be broken in case the water coming out is cold. For such a problem, a home owner can only replace the heating element, and the water heater will function normally.

Noise problem

Sediment may accumulate inside the water tank and cause noise problems. The sediments come into contact with the water heating element, starts burning away hence producing creaks, whines, bangs or knocks. Noise problem is effectively corrected by flushing the noisy tank.

What if the noise continues even after flushing the tank and removing the sediments? Well, incase this happens, you need to know that the heating element is burning off. Correct this problem by replacing it immediately. Continued production of strange noise may bring the whole machine to an ultimate breakdown.

Signs you mighty need a new unit

Being aware of when to replace your water heater unit will help you to curve problems associated with operating a defective system.  Below are some of the signs that will help you realize when your water heater unit is in bad condition, hence when to replace it.


water heater problems

Leaking of the hot water tank may cause flooding in the house among other detrimental problems. Unfortunately, a leaking water tank cannot be repaired easily when it occurs. Therefore, when leaking occurs, you got no other option but to contact a professional plumber soonest possible to assist you replace the hot water tank.

Usage and water quality

A water heater that is never over worked will obviously last longer. A large family will definitely shorten the life span of the water heater due to the fact that it is being over used by the many members. The quality of hot water tank moreover determines the length of the water heater service.  Hard water forms sediments in the tank due to mineral build up. This may clog the plumbing lines hence affecting the function of the system. Therefore, in case of any heater problem due to the above factors, then you can only get a new one.


The life span of most water heater units is between 15-20 years. At this age most water heater system will fail to consistently producing hot water. Others will fail to produce hot water completely while some water heaters will start producing strange noises such as knocking or clanging. Other old water heaters will definitely not be able to maintain constant water temperature. When you realize such signs, then consider replacing the old water heater.