Benefits of Retrofitting Your System to Accommodate Environment Friendly Refrigerants

Retrofit refrigerants restores your air condition system .They are environmental friendly and more affordable compared to R-22 refrigerants. Not to forget, that maintaining and repairing them is also easy.

Retrofit refrigerants like the R-410A, MO99 among others have a decreased impact to the environment. In the past refrigerants used hydro-chlorofluorocarbon (HCFCs) which included either R-22 or Freon. They have a damaging effect to the Earth’s ozone layer; as they survive on the zone for 2 to 40 years.

Retrofit refrigerant are less expensive because; the production of R-22 is reduced as a result, making R-22 harder to find, therefore increasing its price. Retrofit refrigerant makes maintaining and repairing your system easy. This is because of, the ready available parts that are required to do the work.

Retrofits refrigerant

Reasons For Retrofitting Your System

  1. The accessibility of new refrigerants which provides benefits such as low power consumption.
  2. The unavailability of original gas due to environmental legislation.
  3. Due to corporate responsibility, where refrigerants that are environmental friendly ought to be used.

When it comes to retrofitting, the equipment used and the gas being used are very important to consider. There can be minor changes such as expansion valve. Many of the new refrigerants even the natural refrigerants are flammable. Hence, the gases are not appropriate for retrofitting an existing fluorocarbon refrigerant; especially in the case where there is no re-designing of the equipment that exists.

Retrofit Options

  • HFC Retrofits to lower GWP HFCs
  • CFC Retrofits to HCFCs
  • HCFC Retrofits to zero ODP HFCs

Retrofitting of your refrigerant makes it to be more serviceable in future. This is important as repairs are a foundation of owning a home. Retrofits are able to restore your air conditioning in a better, affordable and faster way.

Retrofits refrigerants are not only available but are also more appropriate in getting your home cooler faster. Keep in mind with the government persistence in phasing out the production of R-22, many contractors are finding it hard to be able to get the compound.