Much plumbing takes place in your bathroom, creating the need for plumbing repairs between the toilet, sink and tub. You could be having a leaky faucet or perhaps the toilet is not working properly. This is the time for you to use some bathroom plumbing ideas on how to unclog your tub and wash your drain. Super Mario Plumbing has every services to help you manage your bathroom ranging from bathroom faucet repairs to drain cleaning of your bathroom. Why not try the few tips below and fix these problems all by yourself.

Clogged tub drain

Bathtub drains not only drain water and soap; things like hair, animal fur can also be drained through the pipes causing serious clogging to tub drains. Perhaps preventing it from happening can be the best way to remove the clog. Using a tub strainer to keep animal fur, hair and other things out of your tub drain can be of great help. Always make sure the strainer is clean to allow water to drain properly through the tub drain. In case of a clog, exit the strainer and put a flat plunger to the tub drain. Try to make a few pushes and if no good result, get help from professionals. We Super Mario are the professionals, just call as and we will send a professional with experience to asses and manage the situation. Within the shortest time possible, our plumber will arrive with the relevant tools and make sure your bathtub is in top shape.

Bathroom drain cleaning

During your weekly bathroom washing, you mostly deal with the sink, floor, toilet and mirror. What happens when you forget the bathtub? Mildew and soap scum might build up and this can easily lead to clogged drain. To prevent this a good scrub is what you need. Scrub the bathtub and any other surrounding tiles. Use a good bathroom cleaner that will cause no damage to the grout. Always pay attention to the drain by cleaning the stopper and washing the strainer. Ensure no hair gets into the pipes to prevent a clog. In case you have a question just call us. Super Mario team have a helpful advice on how to wash your bathroom, keep it sparkling clean and in good working condition.

Bathroom plumbing maintenance tips

For you to handle any plumbing issue, be it a clog or leak, some idea in plumbing might be vital. Since bathroom is one of the most used room in your home, proper maintenance is necessary for smooth running of your home. Be it the showerhead, toilet, faucet or sink, good maintenance can protect against plumbing emergencies. So it’s important to understand some faucet repair of the bathroom, unclogging the drain, replacing old seals the toilet and sink, In case you do some plumbing work in your home, always turn of the water, This will make your work easier as accidental spillage of water will be prevented. For issues that are too much for you to handle or you cannot ascertain just call Super Mario. We will arrive equipped with all the necessary machinery to deal with the hardest plumbing job in your home.