Plumbing is a necessity that is needed, be it domestically or commercially. Therefore, this is the provision of water supply system for our use. The system provides fresh water to the house plus ensuring that the waste water is drained out. Hence plumbing system performs a dual function. The plumbing industry is the basic plus substantial part to every developed economy. This is important in order to ensure availability of clean water and the transportation of waste. The need of plumbing was realized when public baths was developed; for there was the need to ensure availability of portable water and drainage.

In the 19th century the plumbing system was developed, for underground water and sewage systems they eliminated the open sewage ditches plus the cesspools. Due to the development in plumbing system there are different materials that are used in plumbing. This includes; networks of high pressure pumps and pipes. They are made of; cast-iron, copper, plastic, steel and brass. As for lead it’s no longer used in the installation of the modern plumbing systems because of its toxicity.

When you have problems with your plumbing system, one is required to know where the stop cock is. This is a valve that is used to turn off your water supply of the house. As a result this prevents any damages that might result due to leaking. Also one is able save money if the plumber is working in the house as he won’t spend a lot of time looking for the stop cock.

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Management practices for a plumbing system              

There are also management practices that one can practice to ensure that your plumbing systems works best and it lasts longer. This include the use of;

  1. Drain cleaners which ensures that the system keeps flowing. The drain cleaners are used as a solution to a blocked drain.
  2. Insulation of pipes during winter hence prevents the freezing during winter. However if the pipes do freeze one can use a heat lamp to unthaw slowly.

 Plumbing problems that are mostly experienced                             

  1. Rattling pipes – this is caused several factors which includes the pipes are not properly strapped to the wall. Therefore the pipes would need to be re-secured.
  2. Toilet tank leaks­- when the tank leaks it would need   to be replaced.
  3.  Slow drainage- it’s an indication of clogged pipes which can be resolved by the use of drain solution.

 Categories of plumbing system                                                              

  • Septic system which is a small scale sewage treatment system.                                                            
  • Fuel gas piping this ensures efficient supply of gas in the house.                                             
  • Vents, traps and drains this system enables water movement freely through the pipes and drains. 
  • Portable supply of hot and cold water, the system ensures the supply of hot and cold water through the pipes is adequate.

Plumbing requires skilled personnel who understands the appropriate plumbing system you require and how to be set up as needed. Therefore a professional is to be contacted.