3 Reasons Plumbing Fixtures Need Emergency Shut-Off Valves

There are a number of factors that can strain your home’s plumbing fixtures, which is from frigid temperatures to minor clogs. Knowing the location of your emergency shut-off valve is vital, especially in the event that a pipe bursts or a water line cracks. A shut-off valve helps to prevent water damages before a plumber arrives.

Reasons for Emergency Shut-off Valves

Emergency Shut-Off Valves

The following are reasons for emergency shut-off valves.

  1. Control water flow to specific areas

In case you are not able to locate the source of a leak, turning off your main water valve will stop water flow into the whole house. This prevents the problem from getting worse before a plumber arrives. There are cases where you can be able to point out where the problem is, for instance, a water line that is attached on the sink breaks. You can turn off the valve of the fixture; have your family utilize the unaffected sinks in the house; therefore, minimizing households discomfort before fixing the damage.

  1. Keep water bills low

As a homeowner, even the slightest leak, drains gallons and gallons of water with time. You can utilize the emergency shut-off valve in order to reduce water waste before a plumber arrives. It’s vital to keep an eye on your water consumption; this helps you to avoid water bills rising steeply in case you have a plumbing issue.

  1. Prevent disasters while out of town

Are you planning to be away from home for a few days or longer? It’s essential that you turn off the valves on your washing machine, other operated appliances, and the dishwasher. This reduces the likely hood of any accidents happening. This is especially vital, in case you have your pipes or water lines freezing when you’re away, you won’t have pools of water to return to.

It’s also vital to turn the emergency valves, in order to prevent them from rusting or from getting stuck when you need them. If you require any plumbing repair, ensure to contact a professional plumber for an efficient job.