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Air Conditioning Repair

There is nothing worse than coming home to a warmer-than-usual home. If your AC unit is not operational, and you need emergency air conditioning repair in California, Super Brothers Heating and Air has a dependable solution for you. Our technicians take tremendous pride in fixing your AC unit right and providing the best service in the valley.

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AC running constantly

The AC unit should turn off periodically to protect vital components (even during hot weather). Common Causes:
· Problem with the thermostat
· Problem with the compressor
· Air filters may need to be replace
· Problem with the electrical components

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AC unit not turning on

You turn down the thermostat hoping the AC will engage but it simply will not turn on.
Common Causes:
· Check if the circuit breaker has been tripped
· Problem with the thermostat or loose wiring

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No Cool Air Flowing

You may have experience one of the following.
· There is no air coming out of the ducts even if you hear the AC running.
· There is some air coming out, but it just does not seem cool.
Common Causes
· Tripped circuit breaker
· Blower belt is worn out
· Low refrigerant levels
*A typical system tune-up from Super Brothers can prevent this issue.

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Hot air blowing out

You turn on your AC expecting nice cold air, only to be shocked and disappointed to feel warm air coming out. This problem can even occur during summer
Common Causes
· Low refrigerant levels
· The compressor is overheating due to debris
· Dirty air filter or an obstruction in the ducts

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Refrigerant or
Water Leaking

It is not easy for homeowners to detect most refrigerant leaks, because they often appear in coolant lines. However, brightly colored stains near the AC unit are a sign of problems. While it is reasonable to see some condensation outside the air conditioner, excessive moisture can be a sign of leaking water.
Cause: Lines and connections in the AC system tend to degrade over time, leading to refrigerant leaks. Blocked drainage pipes and faulty condensate pumps usually cause water leaks. If you notice a leaking refrigerant, turn off the unit and call our team right away. Low refrigerant levels can severely damage the compressor, and this is one of the costliest parts to replace. Fortunately, regular maintenance checks can detect issues, and our certified techs can top off refrigerants as required.

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Unit Turning on and
off repeatedly

The AC unit never completes a full cooling cycle. It will turn on and shortly after turning off. This is also known as short cycling.
Common Causes:
· It could simply be that your air filter is clogged
· Miss calibrated thermostat
· It could always be possible that your AC unit is too powerful for what your home needs.

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Weird noises
appearing suddenly

You have come to know what your AC unit typically sounds like. Strange vibrations, squealing, or grinding noises are a red flag of an urgent problem that needs to be fix.
Common Causes
· A squealing sound could be from a worn our or poorly aligned belt
· Grinding noises are typically a signal of an issue with the motor bearings
Always remember that your AC unit requires regular maintenance to prevent major problems (like a car). During our regular maintenance service, our technicians take the time to check belts and keep bearings lubricated, protecting the compressor motor.

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Super Brothers Maintenance Plan

Repair can be very expensive as well as installation of new unit and to sign up for HVAC and plumbing Maintenance plans with Super Brothers can be a great solution for you.


$235 per year

or $19.58 per month

  • Helps avoid costly damages
  • Detects hidden leaks
  • Improves plumbing performance
  • Prevents plumbing problems
  • Prolongs water heater life

You get an annual inspection where we will check your water heater, do camera inspection on the main sewer line, check all toilets, sinks, shower valves and faucets for leaks and water pressure. Inspect emergency shut off valve, all supply lines and angle valves.

Plumbing & HVAC

$420 per year

or $35 per month

You get

  • everything from Plumbing and HVAC Maintenance Plans
  • 15% off parts and labor and PRIORITY SERVICE over non members


$235 per year

or $19.58 per month

  • Prevent costly breakdowns
  • Reduce energy bills
  • Extend the life of your system
  • Improve Your Air Quality
  • Give Yourself Greater Peace of Mind

HVAC Plan covers all your home HVAC maintenance issues in two yearly, trouble-free visits. you get 2 Full System tune-ups (Spring AC & Fall Heat), 2 Filter Replacements, and 1 Chemical condencer coil cleaning

Super Brothers Is here for you

Sometimes, just a filter replacement improves quality and flow of air at your home. Super brothers is here to tackle any issue. Will repair parts of the hvac system at most reasonable cost and provide recommendations on maintenance and replacements if needed.